Smart Signs

Smart Signs are intelligent signs that look just like Signal-Tech's traditional LED signs but they are controlled with The Smart Sign Control Software instead of switches. Just connect the Smart Sign to your network using the Ethernet port inside the Smart Sign and the sign messages can be controlled with the Sign Control Software from anywhere on the facility Network.

Sign Control Software

The Sign Control Software organizes and manages all Smart Signs in the system as well as controls the message(s) that each Smart Sign displays.

Using a scheduling feature, the Administrator can set a repeating weekly schedule for each Smart Sign. The schedule contains a daily time-based list of messages for each day of the week. Each day can have different messages, including periods of time where the Smart Sign blanks-out or display nothing at all. Schedules are specific to Sign Types and loop until edited or temporarily interrupted with a manual or scheduled override function.

The Smart Sign User Interface is a limited extension of the Sign Control Software. It offers live access for monitoring sign status by group as well as the ability to interrupt the scheduled message display with a temporary override message. The Smart Sign User Interface is secure; access to information is permissions based and password protected.Viewable on any browser or device.

Smart Sign User Interface