Per Space Count Systems


Each parking space is installed with one LEMONDE KEYTOP “forward mounting sensor” to detect parking status,

this innovative sensor has a built-in LED indicator to display vacancy and occupancy.

Compared with traditional two-piece sensor and LED indicator light, our sensor will reduce installation material and labor cost.

The visible high luminosity LED indicator and LED display inside the parking garage will assist

customers to find the closest parking stall available.

Sensor Only

SYSTEM ADVANTAGES· Low installation cost with 2 in 1 forward mounting sensor will reduce installation cost.

· Real time management and monitoring available with a web-based software, enabling remote monitoring.

· Easy installation and maintenance: devices are connected by network cables using RJ45 plug able connectors.

· Potential savings in cable cost (up to 60%): using CAT5/6 network cables.

· ZCU has an LCD display, which allows for real-time status check for the system.

· System integration data socket can be utilized to be integrated with other systems.

Sensor w/ built in LED